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We provide planning & scheduling support for various phases of the project lifecycle from feasibility studies, pre-during-post construction through to facility management. Keeping projects and portfolio programs on track remain our core focus. Our experience in management of complex relationships between project members, stakeholders and authorities allow us to achieve broader buy-in into the project program. With our proactive and pragmatic approach, problems are identified early, solutions are tabled promptly to suit strategic outcomes. Keeping projects on track - on time and on budget - allows our Clients to progress with confidence. Our services include:

  • Project planning and scheduling

  • Progress monitoring and reporting 

  • Project and programme portfolio control services 

  • Project reporting assistance

  • Schedule benchmarking

  • Time, cost and resource utilisation forecasting

  • KPI system development and monitoring  

  • Risk and issue management assistance

  • Facilities management programming and program integration


The project program is integrated with a 3D CAD model to illustrate event sequences to draw time phased visualization. 4D modelling services are available in all phases of project delivery including planning, tendering, construction and dispute resolution.

4D planning assist the project team to: Communicate project strategy to the key stakeholders without complicated technical or contract documentation; identify risk at conceptual planning stages; gain competitive advantage in tenders by visual demonstration of methodologies and staging; Enhance the effectiveness of management reporting; Visually monitor activities on or near the critical path; Present comparisons of planned versus actual to demonstrate impacts of delays during dispute resolution.


We use the state-of-the-art technology of Acumen Fuse to interrogate programs for: Evaluating and ensuring program compliance; Improving program quality and schedule scores; Comparing program versions and identifying variances; Quicker and meaningful project reporting using 50+ matrices.

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