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Combining local knowledge and global experience to thoroughly test project options and ensure the selection process is constant with business objectives over the Project lifecycle.

Our consultants have worked on diverse projects, from design to implementation that provides us the pragmatic edge to closely scrutinize, commercial and technical factors. By taking an evidence-based approach, we provide support to clients for selection of suitable solution for capital investment. It is essential that projects, programs an, portfolios achieve their objectives and deliver anticipated returns. Our services include:

  • Strategic investment decision support

  • Opportunity and risk management

  • Greenfield development

  • Brownfield optimization

  • Strategic planning support



Organisations need the capability to deliver the right projects at the right time - and close down those that no longer add value. As a trusted independent adviser, clients rely on our expertise to help them organise, deliver and assess projects to achieve these objectives, through:

  • Advise on key vendor management and monitoring activities

  • Advise on portfolio management - aligning projects to business strategy

  • Advise on stakeholder management

  • Provide an objective, independent view of your projects

  • Provide project management expertise in either a lead or support role

  • Provide project office expertise in either a lead or support role.


We can assist with the development of contracts and processes for allocation of risks and responsibilities, as well as minimising and resolving disputes. Our services include:

  • Definition of business or service objectives

  • Contract model selection

  • Commercial framework development

  • Preparation of documentation for market engagement

  • Transaction and commercial management 

  • Contract performance reviews


Our professionals work with the industry for delivering high standards of design on technically challenging projects. We deliver solutions that are practical and focus on constructability. We focus on maximizing the value of projects without compromising quality.

We identify the elements for improvement; analyse their functions; develop and assess alternative solutions to achieve saving in time and cost in delivering those functions.


Through our extensive knowledge of construction and contract administration we add value to the project for: Advice on extension of time (EOT) claims;  Advice on delay mitigation strategies and corrective actions; Analysis of delay, disruption and acceleration claims; Analysis of the cost of delays; Advice on viability of claims; Assistance with claim dispute preparation; Assistance in and advice on alternative dispute resolution path

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